Discovery Organics

When we came across Discovery Organics we knew our vision of a truly conscious, locally-based general store would be possible. Discovery Organics is a company committed to maintaining genuine relationships with all of its growers, no matter how near or far the farms are. While we prefer to source the majority of our produce from BC, there are certain foods and certain seasons that require we go beyond our fair lands. 

We are so grateful to Discovery Organics for establishing and maintaining relationships with farmers near and far. As they say on their website: "Over the years, we have extended our relationships with small scale famers to include farms down the Pacific Coast, through Washington, Oregon, California, then on to Mexico and South America. Together, this network of growers keep us all fed, year round, and for this we are grateful."

Please read more about the work of Discovery Organics, along with the farms that provide us with delicious, organic food here at: