Kildara farms

Kildara Farms was started in 1986 by Brian Hughes and his family. After several decades of learning and growing together and with the land, they have now struck a lovely balance of family life and farming, with 3 generations currently tending the property. 

Since it's beginning, Kildara has been farmed organically. In 1994 they received certification by Island Organic Producers Association. "It is now the biggest producer of organic salad greens in BC and Brian is a fundamental part of the organic community throughout the province, volunteering his time and knowledge readily and often in his quest to educate people about the value of farming organically. Salad greens are the biggest part of the operation, with over 300,000 servings of salad greens being produced annually, but the farm also produces 40+ varieties of fruits and vegetables, meat chicken, eggs, and pork."