Berryman Brothers Farms: Saanich raised, pasture-raised pork! The bacon, and not-too-spicy pepperoni sticks (to name a couple) are quite tasty.

Galloping Goose Sausage Company:  Metchosin-based sausage company, producing sausage flavours from all over the world.

Island Bison: Island-raised (Courtenay) bison and water buffalo. Grass-fed and free of antibiotic use, these meats are lean and delicious.

Kildonan Farms: Free range poultry raised here on Vancouver Island.  

The Whole Beast Artisan Salumeria: Based in Victoria The Whole Beast provides handcrafted cured meats using traditional techniques and ethically raised heritage breed animals. Bratwurst, Moroccan lamb sausage, & smoked chorizo are just some of their products you'll find at our store.


Avalon Dairy: "Certified organic, verified delicious!" And the milk and cream comes in good old GLASS bottles!

Tree Island Grass-Fed Yogurt: Ooh you are in for a treat! Whole, grass-fed, BC raised milk goes into every delicious flavour. Produced in the Comox Valley.   

McClintock's Water Buffalo Yogurt: Naturally thick, and easier to digest than cow-milk products, water buffalo yogurts are a yummy way to diversify your palette and meals. Produced near Courtenay, BC. (Admit it, those are stinkin' cute creatures!)