Product Sourcing: Our first choice for supplier sources are local farms and producers, well-established and new alike, both cottage-size and larger, from the Greater Victoria area,  up-island, and the lower mainland. Quality general products unavailable in our area come from further afield: the B.C. Interior, eastern Canada and the Pacific Northwest or California. Our merchandise includes perishable and non-perishable groceries, gifts and gift baskets, household and seasonal goods, toys, body and beauty care, and cleaning products.  We specialize in gift baskets, pre-made or custom-made, containing local products for many celebration and seasonal themes.

We are not of a “100-Mile” philosophy in the purest sense.  We now live in a globally interrelated environment, and only focusing on one’s own local well-being contradicts the spirit of interconnectedness that has emerged over this past century.  “Local” for us also means respecting and wishing the best for local communities all over the world.  To that end, our merchandise does include items from other parts of the world when our local biosphere cannot produce the raw materials for items we nonetheless need.  This includes items such as organic coffee, chocolate, cotton, bamboo, citrus and more.  Our distributors for these products (check out Discovery Organics and Maggie’s Organic websites in particular) have developed relationships with the farmers and producers in their sourced countries, and have assured that the wages and working conditions are to the benefit of those communities.

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The Fresh Produce

A number of our grower sources are certified organic.  Others are not certified, but are using integrated pest management techniques, no chemical pesticides and fertilizers or other methods to reduce negative impacts on the environment – a concept that has been referred to elsewhere as “hand-shake organic.”  In other words, when one sources one’s produce locally, one can confirm such practices more easily, something that we make every effort to make sure of in our relationships with farm producers in this area.  Our produce is always marked accordingly.



Haultain Corners was one of our first location choices, being a residential community on a bus and bike-friendly route without many stores in the immediate vicinity.  The hope has been that local residents will enjoy being able to pick up household and food essentials without traveling far, and that others in the Victoria area will appreciate a one-stop shop for general goods which have been selected for quality and environmental sustainability, as well as fair production conditions, sourced from the most local distance possible.   We feel it makes more ecological and economic sense to source a community’s shampoos, vegetables and pottery (to name just a few!) from as close to one’s own area as possible.  Why haul a quality product from across the globe when it can be produced in one’s own local bio-system and local economy?  We feel it is ethically responsible to ascertain that the production of goods in any community in the world contributes to the well-being of its citizens, both socially, economically and ecologically.

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