Current Schedule / Quick Reference

Mondays: Moulin Vert* (sliced bread: Spelt, Pleasant, Seedy and Honey Quinoa loaves. Ken’s Spelt, Loon and almond butter cookies.); WildFire (Spelt bread, croissants, baguettes).

Tuesdays: Origin (breads and treats), La Tana (Tegole cookies,  ciabatta loaves and hamburger buns, panzerottos (pizza pockets), lingui, foccacini).

Wednesdays: Fry's Red Fife Bakery (Fry’s Red Fife Rustic White,  Olive and multigrain loaves, croissants and pretzels).

Thursdays: La Tana (Ciabatta buns and loaves, mushroom quiches, panzerottos (pizza pockets), cornetti, and lingui); WildFire (almond croissants, baguettes, raisin walnut loaf, rustic white, whole spelt, black olive loaf)

Fridays: Fry's Red Fife Bakery (Rustic White, whole wheat loaves, pretzels, croissants, pain au chocolate and lamb sausage rolls); The Art of Slow Food Gluten Free loaves.

Saturdays: Fry's Red Fife Bakery (Rustic White, German rye and whole wheat loaves, croissants, pretzels, pain au chocolate and almond croissants.)

*Moulin Vert is available most days, but is delivered on Mondays.