Denman Island Chocolate: A family business dedicated to organic chocolate.

Galerie Au Chocolat: Maltitol sweetened chocolates produced in Montreal.

Pure Lovin' Chocolates: Hand crafted, raw chocolates created right here in Victoria.

Theo Chocolates: A Seattle-based chocolatier with yummy flavour selection!

ZazuBean:  Certified organic and fair trade chocolate. Certain varieties are also cane-sugar free, and use coconut sugar instead.

Zimt: Dairy-free, vegan, coconut sugar-sweetened, Vancouver-based chocolate company.

Energy Bars

Prima Energy Bars: Gluten-free, vegan energy bars. 

Ice Cream

Avalon Ice Cream

Coconut Bliss: Larry and Luna's diary free deliciousness!

Salt Spring Gelato: Gulf Island Gelato? Come try it for yourself- YUM!

Screamin' Brothers