Drumroaster Coffee

Family owned and operated coffee roastery and cafe in Cobble Hill. "The Oglend family has been involved in the coffee industry for a really, really long time. Geir installed his first espresso machine in 1972, making our collective time involved with coffee around 70 years. Geir continued in the industry, owning a number of cafes and learning to expertly repair espresso machines and successfully build sustainable, community-focused, vibrant businesses. Carsen and Courtney both grew up working in cafes and today, have expanded their knowledge into different facets of Drumroaster Coffee" http://www.drumroaster.com/

Fernwood Coffee

" If relationships to community and place drive us, coffee defines us. We hand craft and roast only the finest coffees, and constantly experiment to highlight the best that each carefully sourced coffee has to offer. As obsessive roasters and competitive baristas, we push ourselves and try new things while never straying from what matters most: distinctive coffee made right here in Fernwood." These guys have a fun story. Read more on their website! https://fernwoodcoffee.com/

Level Ground Tea and coffee

Level Ground is a fair trade tea and coffee company that focuses on quality relationships with their farmers and also packages their items in compostable packaging! https://levelground.com/

Westholme Tea Farm

Margit and Victor have been farming their land (and creating gorgeous art!) in Duncan, BC since 2003. Today they focus their cultivation on tea and have a lovely gathering place "to share art and tea culture in an eclectic rural setting." They grow micro-batches of Camellia sinensis, producing 100% Cowichan grown and prepared teas.  http://www.teafarm.ca/

fermented beverages

Enerchi Kombucha, Family owned and operated business in Victoria BC. Enerchi Kombucha is brewed using Westholme Tea Farm's organic Fair Trade tea:  http://enerchikombucha.com/ 

Salt Spring Island Kombucha: Craft brewed on Salt Spring Island in small batches, SSI kombucha is raw, alkalinizing and energizing, alive with probiotics and antioxidants.

Temple Soda: Made in Vancouver Temple sodas are naturally fermented sodas using a ginger culture. Handcrafted in small batches with  infused organic botanicals, seasonal flavours such as Revive (turmeric, ginger & cinnamon); Blush (pomegranate & hibiscus) and Spry (lemonade with both lemon & lime)